Why Large Companies Should Follow A Business Development Consultant’s Compass


On a map, the region that is West Africa is as large as it is potentially rich. Business in West Africa crosses many borders and seeps into many markets. With this in mind, for a CEO or management team of a large West African company, to believe their successful enterprise has reached its plateau of business potential, is short sighted. For them to consider their company has nowhere further to go is almost certainly going to lead to significant business opportunities being left on the table.

Is Your Compass To Business Success Broken?

When it comes to large, established companies, growth is never-ending with no peak of growth occurring in reality, but only in the minds of individuals. There’s always room to grow, to expand geographically, to add service lines, to take over West Africa and then the world. Growth strategies follow an invisible growthcompass, with most companies seeking to head up, Northwards. However, getting lost in the world of business while seeking the ultimate success is easy. Many big businesses sometimes find themselves heading to the West, circling an issue without ever increasing revenue.  Other may move on a stagnant line Eastwards, heading into the wind and making no real headway. Some big companies may downscale and head down South towards business decline. Every business owner has their compass and map to success, however, while some decisionmakers think that success is achieved up north, there’s never a peak of success Northwards. There’s no ‘growth North Pole’.

Growth Is An Ongoing Journey

Heading North is an ongoing journey and most company owners stop here when reaching their desired level of success and growth or in times where they feel there is no more ‘North’ to discover once achieved; no more space for their company to grow or limited ways to actually grow further.

Open Your Business Mind To Unlimited Possibility

At Napier Consultancy Services, we have helped many large companies grow further through an opening of their business minds to the possibilities of success following the removal of their confined, limited thinking which prevented them from expanding. We’ve helped their business to reach further on the map of success following the adoption of our growth and change strategies and seeing success through our business development compass.

Through the integration of business development services offered by professionals like us, a large company can use their normal business hours to maintain the business as usual, while completing growth tasks set out by Napier Consultancy Services with the help of our development teams who focus purely on growth.

How Professional Consultants Ensure Further Business Development

While owners, management teams and top leadership of large companies may already have a plan or vision for the business, this may be limited to ‘In View’ items unbeknownst to those who lead the organisation. By having an external business review we will bring forth new ideas, opportunities and ways of growing the business far into the future. Objective business growth tactics and diversification plans will then inspire those now in the know to put their business growth at the forefront of their operations. With the guidance of our business development consultants, new goals and a new attainable vision for the business will be set out with certainty and believability with tried-and-tested methods to accomplish this new growth business.

Let’s Make Your Big Business Even Bigger

As experienced business development consultants within West Africa, we at Napier Consultancy Services have an in-depth knowledge of the region and its potential. We offer experienced management of short-term initiatives, tasks and projects on a cost-effective basis for large companies seeking growth within their immediate location. For growth on a global scale, our 30 years of international experience help local businesses to grow geographically to new locations with available markets. Contact our team of experts today to find out more about what our consultancy services can do for you and your business. Our Business Development Consulting Company will make your big company even bigger.