The Need For Effective Project Management In Nigeria


Although Nigeria is considered one of Africa’s leaders in terms of trade, infrastructure, commerce and natural resources, many Nigerian business owners still view the concept of project management as futile and as an unnecessary expense. Project management is not widely discussed, so there is not much known about the benefits that this service offers to companies executing large projects; and the task of project management is seen as laborious and meandering.

Many of the country’s largest projects are awarded through networking and relationships rather than technical evaluation and track record, so the fear of project failure tends to be much lower than in other countries. This award strategy and mindset can be truly detrimental to project success and has undoubtedly resulted in many incomplete and failed projects over the years.

The Importance Of Sound Project Management Practices

The more complex a project, the greater the need for effective project management services. In order for a complex project to deliver all of its objectives, remain within budget and be executed on schedule, competent project management is vital. So if Nigeria wants to compete on the global stage, both small and large organisations will need to start implementing professional project management practices and change the overall mindset towards their project activities.

Project management provides control over a project. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Clearly defined scope and objectives
  • Defined and controlled spending
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Schedule is met
  • All stakeholders are managed
  • Project is completed profitably

The majority of successful project completions are the result of implementing sound project management practices and employing a team of project personnel who have experience in their profession.

The Risk Of Poor Project Management

Poor project management can cause true catastrophe and disaster. Not even the best project concepts and ideas can save poor planning and lazy practices. In terms of large-scale projects, you may not just be letting down your own team, but also investors and stakeholders.

Implementing a project, especially in Nigeria, could lead to many unexpected setbacks that may de-rail your project entirely. Proper project management uses risk analyses to assess all potential setbacks and come up with alternative plans in the case of emergencies and obstructions.

Allow Your Project To Be Run At An International Level

Sound project management practices are rapidly gaining momentum and are being implemented by organisations, big and small, across the globe. Project management companies are becoming more and more popular, and are constantly improving their methods to keep up with competition.

Give your project a chance at excellence and success, by implementing professional project management services in Nigeria.

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