Roys Reflections

Having come to the end of a recent, five-month contract at the end of May, I find myself contemplating what my new, ideal contract might look like.  I have seen so many posts, comments, and discussions these last months, about the desire to ‘Get back to normal.’ I have certainly said this myself once or twice.  However, the more I consider how my working life has been over the past ‘normal’ years, the less enthusiastic I am to return.

I think the main objections I have to the ‘Normal’ working model are the commute to and from an office (especially here in Lagos) and the monotony which comes from working for the same employer for an extended period.  Now that I see that, my aim in this next more self-actualized phase is to spread my time across a small number of diverse clients to enjoy the challenges of more than one market sector.  I will also embrace this ‘work from anywhere’ mentality. After ten weeks of working from home, I fully intend to use technology to its maximum capability to enable me to keep in touch with my clients from the club, the pool, the gym and the restaurant which I am looking forward to patronizing as soon as the lockdown eases and allows me to do so.

I very much hope to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life under the ‘New Normal’.  I will let you know how I get on.

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