Premium Solutions By Napier Consultancy Services LLC


We take great pride at Napier Consultancy Services LLC in creating an effective, time-saving, and manageable solution for our clients’ needs. A consultant can deal more effectively with short term initiatives than an in-house employee, in part because of our years of experience and also because we have a dedicated focus on temporary situations. Change requires businesses to adapt, and we are always available to our clients, new and old, to aid them through transitions and improve on areas where they may not even be aware need attention. When you come to us for assistance, you can do so with the confidence that you are in the very best of hands.

Our Services

With over a hundred years of combined international business experience, we will be able to help you manage and navigate any potential changes your business may face. Napier Consultancy Services LLC can offer you the full spectrum – from auditing and identifying any underlying issues to the management of customer-driven aspects like marketing. Specifically, our service range includes business management; project management; human development; technical procurement; sales and marketing, and engineering and technical support.

We provide all these services within the vehicle of our Business Change Management Scheme which focuses on identifying change factors; evaluating impact; collaborating on opportunities; mitigating against risks; reviewing KPI; changing the management toolbox; monitoring the effectiveness of actions, and assessing the ROI.

Outstanding Quality Of Service

We take a personal approach to our client satisfaction, and we are proud of our unwavering dedication. We strive to expand your business to the height of success while incorporating new business patterns such as the global shift to remote engagement. We offer our service worldwide, regardless of time zones or location because of this shift too. Knowing that you are a priority to us and that your company is on the path to positive change is the excellence of service we stake our name on. 

Current Focus

We are the best project management firm in Lagos. We are currently engaged in an environmental safety endeavour in which we will provide project leadership services. The project aims to capture waste gas that is being burnt by compressing and transporting it to a power generation plant which will significantly reduce the carbon emissions. It is an extremely valuable project of which we are exultant to be a part of.

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