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Our Consultancy Services


The constantly fluctuating activity levels of an engineering department are often best supported by supplementary, short term personnel as and when required.
NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides engineering support as required for the following tasks:

  • Problem Analysis and Evaluation

  • Alternative Solution Design and Review

  • Technical Writing

  • Document Review

  • Technical Auditing

Many small to medium sized businesses find themselves
constrained in their potential growth by the manhours
available to the management team in any working week.
NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides a boost to the
management team with a focus specifically on the task in
hand. This allows the existing management team to maintain the small business management consultant at the required level of customer and service quality while also completing growth tasks for the future.
Some of the services offered include:

  • Initial establishment and registration of companies,
    branches and subsidiaries
  • Creation and Implementation of Business Growth and
    Diversification Plans
  • Facility move and set up services
  • Business review and turnaround of Problem Areas



A small business management consultant can only retain or grow its market position if it works constantly to enhance the skills and competence of its workforce.

NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides a wide range of development programs and the training courses contained within them as below:

  • Creation and Implementation of bespoke Leadership Development Programs
  • Creation and Implementation of bespoke Engineer Development Programs
  • Creation and Implementation of Succession Planning Systems
  • Creation and Delivery of Technical Training Materials
  • Creation and Delivery of Human Skills Training Materials

The unique and temporary nature of any project often means that the skills required for its successful leadership are not present within the existing small business management consultant.

With over 30 years of Project Management experience across a variety of subject areas, NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES can apply proven organizational techniques to any project to achieve its goals on time and within budget. NAPIER’s experts can facilitate you for your project management in Nigeria. Some previous project areas covered include:

  • Pipeline and Process Plant Pre-commissioning
  • Facility Construction and Commissioning
  • Integrated Management System Implementation and Accreditation
  • Well and Production Facility Decommissioning and Abandonmentsmall business management consultant



Before committing to a major capital expenditure, it is important that a small business management consultant understands exactly what their market and customers need. The best asset to fill that market current and future needs can then be specified and located at the best value.

NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides an experienced third-party procurement service to reduce the peak load which capital purchases can put on a businesses purchasing department. Typical applications for this Technical Procurement service include:

  • Equipment for new service lines
  • Equipment updates to new technology
  • Assets for specific projects
  • New Real Estate and Facilities

Assigning the required quantity and quality of manhours to the Business Development, Sales & Marketing of a new business, service or product before any revenue has been earned is a common problem which faces many companies.

NAPIER CONSULTANCY SERVICES provides a cost effective, part time solution through the provision of the following:

  • Market Analysis and Evaluation
  • Creation of Bespoke Marketing Plans
  • Creation and Delivery of Technical Presentation Material
  • Preparation of Detailed Proposal Documentation
  • Training and Mentoring of Sales Workforce