Napier Consultancy Services LLC: Leading Consultants in Nigeria Recommend a Constant Focus On Human Development To Drive Company Growth


Business Leaders will all agree; a company will only grow through the continued efforts to enhance the skills and competence of its workforce.

As one of the leading training, mentoring and human development consulting companies in Nigeria, we have seen how a company’s workforce can assist or hold back company growth.

The Importance of Human Development for Company Growth

Before moving on to the technical aspects, you must understand what you are dealing with:

  • People are agents, not resources – they can adapt, take agency for their development, make decisions and set goals. As individuals, there is a need to develop in their work continually.
  • Human development has scientific and practical measurement frameworks which are useful for companies – the human development components of capabilities, learning and motivation, as well as satisfaction and freedom, are all measurable.
  • A company can only grow if its people and leaders continue to improve.

If you forgo human development pillars, then having the most significant market share or the best product will not matter. A company will always need to manage and improve the human factor even if you are using artificial intelligence or robots to replace some of the work.

Human development may not be the only factor which impacts company success. However, failing to continually develop your entire work force will prove to be fatal. It is for this reason that industry professionals are abandoning the term “human resources” and focusing more on ‘human development’.

The 7 Pillars of Human Development

The seven pillars of human development provide foundations for optimized processes which will drive success in work, leadership and business. Employees, managers, leaders, and an enlightened HR department function cohesively to form a human development culture and practices using these pillars:

  1. Purpose – Outline your human development purpose
  2. Metrics – Position your human development metrics
  3. Stakeholders –Include and Cooperate with all stakeholders
  4. Managers – Leaders and managersshould be responsible for human development
  5. Workers – Spread human development to all value chain partner’s workers
  6. HR – Repurpose HR as a human development engine
  7. Technology – Use technology for human development

Previously, the subject of human development was limited to economics and international institutions such as the Human Development Report of the United Nations.

We at Napier Consultancy Services have taken the philosophical concepts of development, such as human capabilities and freedom into the world of business by developing measurements, programs,and tools for human development.

If you’re looking to understand human development at work, an excellent place to start is to contact us, Napier Consultancy Service LLC, training, mentoring and development leaders In Nigeria and across the globe,for a consultation on where to get started on your new focus to drive company growth through human development.

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