Looking Past The Pandemic To Positive Opportunities

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This can be a hard pill to swallow when H.R. or the accountant is banging on your door. All businesses and organizations across every industry and sector are facing uncertainty. Pause from the panic and pull the professionals towards you. Now is the time to fully grasp compliance, adjust expectations, review market segment and the offering opportunity. Then you will be addressing the new normal.

Executives are charging along, on a treadmill of information, trying to make the next critical decision. Now is not the time to only cut or downsize.  That reaction on its own can weaken a company in an already sensitive economy. Identify the focus areas for you and the focus areas for a business consultant to help you; whether it’s engineering and technical, business management, project management, human development, technical procurement or sales and marketing. Focussing on strengths and reaching for new opportunities is the key strategy.

What Has This Market Volcano Revealed To Us?

We’ve seen businesses that used to offer low-key janitorial services now offering complex full building sanitization. In some countries, laws have changed, allowing alcoholic drinks like a cocktail being sold as a takeaway. The market is going to want a dressy, recyclable cocktail container, we hope a packaging company somewhere is designing that. And, yes, it should be compostable. A company that had a walk through security scanners now has security scanners that also mist you with sanitizing spray. Minor product adjustment costs have added great value there.

Upskilling your staff, who are working remotely now, is key to keeping them motivated and aligned to the new normal. Speaking of which, remote working means work supplies will have to be delivered to individuals. Office supply companies could add staff gifts and branded stationary to their deliveries. Office equipment suppliers could offer the service of confidentially printed packs of info on branded stationary to stakeholders who will be conferencing via zoom.  Not every employee, including executives, can or wants to print hundreds of pages every week on their chug-along home printer.

How To Capitalize On this?

Firstly, your website needs to be top-notch sales portal with top-end UX design. The era of the ‘must-have-a-website-because-everyone-has-a-website’ is gone. Your website needs work as hard as your top executive. It also needs to be your reception desk.

The key is to understand that the market has geographically changed. Meet the marketplace where it is at. Already then you are leading the pack.

This is not necessarily easy to do. The ‘forest-for-the-trees’ approach can make it tough to be objective, and the stress of the current situation puts a huge clampdown on creative thinking.

To get a head start on your new opportunities,contact a team of specialists who can assess, assist with redefinitions and speed up the deployment of new or revised channels. Napier Consultancy Services specializes exactly in the initial establishment of new opportunities, their launch, growth and expansion across a range of industries. With more than 30 years of international experience,they can swiftly assist with your specific needs whether it’s engineering & technical, business management, project management, human development, technical procurement or sales and marketing. Make an appointment today and see the swift results.

The world is going to look back at this era one day and say, “So that’s when that cool idea started.” Don’t be left behind!